The Time Butler

The Time Butler

Productivity, Time Management
& Organizing Experts

Design and implementation of organizing and productivity systems
for corporate, small business, and residential clients

“Give us a little time to make a big difference”

  • Enhance productivity
  • Save time, money and space
  • Improve quality of life

Corporate and Small Businesses

The Time Butler works with professionals to streamline workflow by eliminating things that waste time, energy and resources. Services include:

  • Productivity Consulting & Time Management
  • Paper & Information Organizing
  • Workplace and Storage Organizing

Residential and Large Spaces

The Time Butler specializes in organizing large spaces, transforming them from unusable to organized and accessible. We bring in a team of experienced organizers as needed to get the job done in fewer sessions. We organize:

  • Sheds, Garages & Storage units
  • Attics and basements
  • Entire homes and offices

Move Management Services

We take the stress out of moving by taking care of every detail, so you can arrive at your new home with everything unpacked and organized. No move is too large or too small.

Our exclusive TrackPack system ensures that you can find what you need even while it’s still packed.

Satisfied Customers

“Lisa is the best organizer I’ve ever worked with. She genuinely loves what she does, and makes the experience of getting organized so easy – while she has great processes to share, she also takes each client’s preferences and abilities into account, never pushing to do things her way.” Continued

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Large Spaces


Move Management

Customer Success Story

Potential clients sometimes ask me about my rates. With hundreds of class hours and thousands of client hours, I am more experienced than 80% of professional organizers. Most clients are willing to pay more for organizers who are educated, experienced and trained. I charge a bit more per hour but have saved my clients thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of time. Read on to discover how.

Meet Lisa Mark, CPO®

In business since 2004, Lisa, founder of The Time Butler, is a board-certified professional organizer with over 15,000 hours’ experience. She helps clients achieve their goals for their space, time, and lives. Lisa is a member of NAPO, and as a CPO® is bound by a code of ethics which ensures that all clients are treated with respect, without judgment and with full confidentiality. Read more about the advantages of hiring a Certified Professional Organizer®, here.

Lisa has taken hundreds of hours of classes to keep current on new developments and best practices in the organizing industry. She also vets other NAPO organizers for team jobs, ensuring that clients have access to the best people in the industry.