The Best Productivity Apps

Last month, we discussed How to Choose a Productivity App and how apps, like anything else, are only beneficial when they move us closer to our goals. Below are some of my favorites.

I’m an app minimalist. I limit apps and use only what I need to work effectively. For email, tasks, and calendar management, I like the G-suite apps. They are global (can be reached from anywhere), are easy to integrate, and the updates are (usually) seamless. I set up G-mail to integrate with Outlook so emails appear in both. I can better see the individual emails on Outlook, but I also enjoy the Google thread function for organizing and retrieval. Although I have multiple email addresses, all emails are set up to go into the same inbox. This means I only need to check one place to find everything.

I use productivity apps like Google drive and Google translate. Google drive enables me to plunk in any photos I want to share with clients or colleagues, invite collaborators, and go from there. Google Translate enables me to communicate more effectively with clients who don’t speak English.

I use Outlook for my contact management system. Outlook enables me to find the information I need when I need it while keeping everything in one place. Clients are always amazed that I remember the names of every kid and pet in the office and household. Hint: It’s not me; it’s Outlook.

Google Calendar allows me to access my schedule from anywhere. Because it’s designed for teams, it’s easy to share with other team members.

Square: a merchant processor, allows my clients to pay with a credit card

EventBase: an event app, “lets attendees plan their event journey, participate in sessions and make connections.”

Lugg: an on-demand moving service that will load, haul and deliver nearly anything.

The Clutter Hoarding Scale: an assessment measurement tool, developed by the Institute for Challenging Disorganization®.

HomeZada: provides a format for managing your home for insurance, maintenance, remodeling, and financial purposes.

For navigation: Google Maps, Google Earth, ParkMobile and Waze. General apps that I use most frequently are Google Search, iPhone Camera and the iPhone Calculator.

Want help choosing productivity apps? Contact Lisa Mark, C.P.O. for a complimentary 15-minute phone consult.

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