17 Apps for Tracking Time

When bringing tech into my business, I try to select tools that will enhance my productivity. Below are tips for choosing a time tracking app, along with options for time tracking apps that should lead to increased productivity.

When choosing a new app:

Use the KISS method. Kiss stands for ‘Keep It Simple, Sweetie.’ Ease of use is paramount with any new software. If I can’t determine how to use something within, say, the first 5 minutes, I’m not going to use it at all. So, bring in tech that is transparent, fun, easy to use, and keeps things simple for you and your team.

It’s not a bug…It’s a Feature! The more bells and whistles the software offers, the more difficult it can be to use. When possible, choose fewer, stronger features, rather than a whole host of ‘hey, that looks fun!’ Apps with fewer features enable ease of use, better streamlining, and a shorter (and flatter) learning curve. Definitely get what you need, but consider limiting extras.

Integration. New software that integrates well with what you already have makes it on everyone. Nothing detracts from productivity more than having to re-invent the wheel or re-do processes that your business may have spent years building.

Security. This is something that can’t be overrated. With the increase in cyber-crime, security is paramount. Consider security features when integrating any new software into existing systems.

Your Business Needs. There are time tracking apps for employees, for freelancers, and for specific industries. Figure out which one is right for you and eliminate the rest. This narrows your focus to find the best match for your business requirements.

Customer Support. Determine if the app has good customer support. If so, great! If not, meh. All of us will need support at one time or another. Not being able to obtain support when you need it is a huge factor in lost time and lost productivity.

Freedom. Once you know what you need, consider signing up for a free trial. Then test the software, test, and test some more. You’ll not only learn to use the software, but you’ll also learn what you like and don’t like, and whether the software is the right solution for you.

Freelancer Time-Tracking Apps

For more information on apps for freelancers, visit Entrepreneur.com.

For information on ad blocking software, please visit Comparitech.com.

Employee Time Tracking Apps

Want help choosing time-tracking apps? Contact Lisa Mark, C.P.O. for a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation.

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