3 Ways To Streamline Processes

A process is a series of repetitive activities or linked tasks which occur in a specific order and end when a service or product is provided to a client. Streamlining processes makes things simpler and more efficient and leads to improvement in operations. The benefits to streamlining processes include minimizing costs, diminishing or eliminating lost time, and reducing wasted resources. Streamlining can also lead to increased engagement, efficiency, and communication.

To streamline processes, start by doing the following:

  • Identify the goal or end result you are seeking. Determine what objective will be met or enhanced by streamlining, which tasks should be addressed first, and what provides the most ROI on your investment of time and resources. Then work from there.
  • Fully Document All Processes. Once you’ve decided where to start, ensure that all processes, especially new ones, are documented. Clearly documented processes provide greater visibility into what is being done, when, how and by whom. Visibility of the processes themselves can lead to added efficiency, can reduce errors, and may decrease communication blunders.
  • Communicate. Effective communication is critical. Good communication leads to better results through enhanced understanding and commitment on the part of everyone involved in process management.

Be strategic when analyzing which processes lead to higher performance and better outcomes, and then respond accordingly.

Lisa Mark, C.P.O. is a productivity expert and Certified Professional Organizer. Contact Lisa if you would like to find out how she can formulate a plan to increase efficiency in your business.

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