How to Make Virtual Organizing Work for You

Virtual organizing is done via a remote work session between organizer and client. Communication is generally via video conference platforms like Skype or Zoom and may occasionally be done via phone as well. 

With virtual organizing, clients get the same teaching, guidance, and support of a hands-on organizing appointment. Virtual organizing also enables clients to access organizers outside of their geographical area, which may increase the availability of organizing services in a busy market. Finally, because virtual organizing appointments are generally shorter than hands-on appointments, it may be possible to obtain a virtual organizing appointment sooner than a hands-on organizing appointment.

During virtual organizing, the organizer provides the guidance and support necessary to accomplish the organizing project while the client puts the plan into action. Virtual organizing is less about doing the hands-on work and more about using the organizer’s experience, education and knowledge to help the client implement the organizing systems. During COVID, virtual organizing services have skyrocketed.

To determine whether virtual organizing is right for you, ask yourself the following questions.

  • Determine how hands-on you want to be. If you like doing hands-on organizing work and only need a bit of guidance and a ‘push’ to get started, then virtual organizing will likely work well. If you prefer that someone else do the bulk of the hands-on work, then in-person organizing with the appropriate PPE and social distancing as needed will likely work better for you.

  • Ascertain how familiar your organizer needs to be with your space. Virtual organizing services generally work well for calendar management, productivity, and paper or e-files management. Space organizing is a different type of organizing all together. Although online platforms can facilitate remote working in a number of scenarios, it is often said that there is no substitute for being there. An organizer that has seen the space in person prior to working together virtually is generally more familiar with the nuances of the space and may have a better understanding of how to move forward. This doesn’t mean that virtual organizing won’t work with an organizer who hasn’t seen your space  – it simply means that you and your organizer may have to work harder to obtain results in that space.

  • Determine whether a mix of virtual and hands-on services will lead to greater results. Because virtual organizing appointments are generally done in short engagements, and because the hands-on aspect of organizing is difficult to recreate via a virtual appointment, alternating virtual appointments with hands-on sessions may lead to better results. This may not be possible if your organizer is located in a geographically distant place, but it is something to consider when moving forward. 

Lisa Mark, C.P.O. is a productivity expert and Certified Professional Organizer. Contact Lisa if you would like to find out if she is a good fit for your organizing or productivity needs.

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