How To Maximize Storage In A Home Office

Today we live very differently than people in previous generations. We have more stuff, more responsibilities, way more mail & paperwork, way less time, and, critically, less space. Making more with less has become, if not a mantra, then certainly a way of life. Last month’s blog discussed how to maximize space in your home office. This month’s blog post dovetails on that by providing three tips on how to maximize storage in your home office.

  1. Level Up. Every room, no matter how small, offers a plethora of vertical wall space. Maximize the use of vertical space in your home office by installing additional shelving or open cabinets mounted just below ceiling level. Or use a corkboard or pegboard on a wall to track or display important items. Wall outlet shelves can provide extra space for large cords or small electronics. That weird space over the door can hold more items by installing shelves. Shelf risers can add space to a desk or worktable. There are lots of options, as long as you look up.
  1. Overhaul Underused Spaces. Some of the areas in our dwellings can feel and function as if they were put there as an afterthought. And yet these areas can provide great storage options. You can add a shelf or cabinet under your desk, room permitting, install high shelves in closets to use all of the vertical space, and use the tops of bookcases for overflow items that don’t fit anywhere else. In especially tight spaces, consider a rolling cart that can go with you while you’re working and be stored elsewhere when you’re not. Fold down tables attached to walls can provide additional work surfaces. A pull-out shelf in an out of the way storage cabinet can be used to store a printer and printing supplies. In cases where your office doubles as a bedroom, underbed storage makes good use of what is often an underutilized space. Hanging door storage can provide extra storage on doors. The options are endless.
  1. Finally, Repurpose. The last thing any of us needs is more stuff. Look at what you have in other areas of your home or office to see if it can be repurposed as storage in your home office. Consider using a kitchen shelf riser to add vertical space to your desk. A kitchen drawer organizer can just as easily be used to add structure to an office drawer. Small boxes, plastic containers, or sturdy cupcake liners are great for organizing paper clips, staples, push pins, and keys. Bring a storage ottoman from the family room into the office for added, out-of-the-way storage. Determine what you already have before purchasing new.

Lisa Mark, C.P.O. is a productivity expert and Certified Professional Organizer. Contact Lisa if you would like to find out how she can help maximize storage in your home office.

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