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How To Organize Files for Pending Paperwork         

One of my most important file folders is called ‘Waiting On.’ This file folder contains items that I cannot act upon until I get a response from someone else. For many of us, these ‘Waiting On’ items are at high risk of being forgotten or unintentionally delayed, sometimes with disastrous […]

How To Create The Best Setup For A Shared Office

Creating a shared office space can be tricky, especially when office mates have different organizing styles. Below are three tried and true guidelines to increase success when working in shared workspaces. Simplify the Layout Multi-Function: If space is at a premium, opt for multi-use furniture like a long worktable that […]

The Best Way to Archive Files

As we’ve discussed in past blog posts, paper and electronic file systems can be divided into three parts: Active, Reference, and Archive. Active files require action. Reference files are files that have no immediate action associated with them, but that you may need in the near future. In contrast, Archive […]

Document Retention Guidelines

How To Know What Papers To Keep

Most people have more paper than we know what to do with. How do we determine what we need to keep versus what can be pitched? If you haven’t already read my blog posts about File Systems and Paper Storage, I recommend reading those first. Click Here To Download The […]

How to Track Multiple Tasks in a Large Project

Project Management is not for the faint of heart. Even expert project managers can get bogged down in the minutia of task management. Below are three strategies to increase the odds that multiple tasks in a large project can be tracked effectively. 1. Create a Comprehensive To-Do list. Whether you […]

How To Prioritize When You Have So Many Tasks

Everyone alive today has more to do than time to do it in. So how to ensure that what needs to be done is, in fact, completed? And how to prioritize tasks to increase the odds that you’re working on what matters most? I recommend using a Productivity System to […]

4 Tools That Help Free Up Time for Entrepreneurs

Most people alive today have more things to do than time to complete them. This month’s guest blogger, Ashley Taylor, discusses how a few widely available tools can help entrepreneurs be more productive. Entrepreneurs are busy! There is always so much to do, including networking events, investor pitches, team meetings […]


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