Concierge and Research Services for Busy Professionals

Services Include:

Illustration of a woman holding a sign that says, "What can I do to help you?"
  • Administrative Support for Businesses
  • Research Services
  • Locating and Engaging Support for Household Tasks
  • Remote Calendar Management Services

Examples of Previous Projects:

  • Locating professionals, such as doctors, Realtors, household and support staff
  • Identifying homes for purchase or rent according to client specifications, with monthly report
  • Locating autos available to purchase or lease according to client specifications
  • Processes for time-consuming or difficult tasks, such as registration of a foreign car
  • Determining payouts on insurance documents from the 1940’s
  • Medical records reconciliation & insurance claim filing

Concierge Services range from $100 – $150 per hour, per organizer, depending on the client’s needs.

Case Study: Lisa once saved a client $10,000 on an insurance bill by calling the client’s doctor and insurer and determining, after less than an hour, that the diagnostic code had been entered incorrectly. Once the correct code was entered, the client owed only $500.