Great peace of mind comes with knowing exactly how much money is coming in, as well as exactly where, when, and how it’s being spent. We provide critical financial information using current software to streamline the financial planning process and enable our clients to make informed decisions. We develop innovative money management programs for small businesses, individuals, and families. We have worked with people in transition, including new wealth, downsizing seniors, retiring baby boomers, and those dealing with the loss of a spouse or life partner, or coping with injury or illness.

Services we provide:

  • Bill pay
  • Financial management
  • Record keeping
  • Financial strategy planning
  • Debt elimination and consolidation
  • Customized spending plans
  • Credit card statement reconciliation

Organized financial packet ready for the tax accountant.
Financial Packet Ready for Tax Accountant

“Lisa and I served together on the board of the SF Bay Area Chapter of NAPO. As Treasurer, Lisa is an exceptional finance manager and advisor. Lisa always assured that the board stayed on track with budget and spending, maintaining fiscal responsibility and accountability.”

— Vania F., Colleague