Medically Fragile Clients

Organizing systems that enable medically fragile clients to regain control of their lives

The Time Butler works with many medically fragile clients experiencing traumatic illness or injury. Traumatic illness or injury can impact peoples’ lives in a way that alters their ability to manage space, time, projects and the day-to-day items that need to get done.

Helping clients learn how to cope, adapt and find support during an illness

We work with clients experiencing a traumatic illness or injury to set up usable systems that enable our clients to regain control of their lives in this new reality. We work hands-on with local clients as well as virtually for clients around the world.

We also teach seminars on organizing for traumatic illness. For more information, visit the Illness Warriors website.

The Illness Warriors Guidebook

A workbook for professional organizers and their clients experiencing traumatic illness or injury. The guidebook provides supportive information, tools and resources, including a range of templates to assist in tracking medical history, medications and meal planning.

Organize Your Medical Records in 12 Easy Steps

Includes information necessary to categorize and manage complex personal medical records systems: from design and implementation, to tracking payments, classifying correspondence, categorizing insurance information, managing medical history, organizing insurance information and creating storage for easy retrieval. You’ll also learn health insurance terms and buzzwords.