Residential Services

Residential Organizing

Full-service organizing for all types of residential projects, including storage areas, garages, kitchens and home offices

“Give us a little time to make a big difference.”

The Time Butler offers a variety of residential organizing services, ranging from large-scale and complex projects to action plans for those who want to do the work themselves. While the way a space looks is important, the way it functions determines how well it is used. Function also impacts your time — if you can find what you need when you need it, life gets easier.

All organizing quotes include a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation and needs assessment, recycling of paper, plastic, and small electronics generated during the appointment, shredding of sensitive documents generated during the session, and  in-area transportation for team members.

For large-space organizing projects and move management projects, we need a minimum of four weeks’ notice for planning purposes.

In conjunction with client input, we:

  • Determine space control and layout
  • Maximize the use of available vertical space
  • In conjunction with clients, decide what to donate, recycle, toss and keep
  • Create organizing systems for items based on ease and frequency of access
  • Coach clients in maintaining systems and staying organized after project completion and provide Tune-Ups as needed
Pantry by The Time Butler

Large Spaces

The Time Butler specializes in transforming large spaces such as garages, storage units, attics, sheds and basements. We are experts in the use of space.

You won’t find anyone who gets the job done as efficiently and effectively as we do. We bring in a team of experienced organizers as needed to get the job done in fewer sessions. Even though we may charge more per hour than a newer organizer, because of our experience and resources, the final cost is generally comparable, if not less.

Home Offices

The Time Butler works with you to organize your home office and customize your workspace. We help you manage your workflow, identify and eliminate waste, and maximize your workspace and storage areas. Our systems help increase concentration and enhance effectiveness.

Our custom file systems enable easy retrieval of important documents, enhance workflow, and ensure an efficient work environment. Find what you need when you need it with our custom file index.

Virtual organizing with Lisa Mark, Certified Professional Organizer

Virtual Organizing

The Time Butler provides virtual organizing services for clients all over the world who want to do the work themselves, but need guidance, accountability, structure and project management expertise.

Virtual organizing services include space management, electronic and paper file systems, time management and productivity, paper flow, workstation setup and schedule management.

Culturally Adept Organizing

We act as a liaison between secular and religious groups.

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Medically Fragile Clients

The Time Butler works with clients experiencing life-changing illness or injury.

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Residential Action Plans

For the budget conscious and those who want to do the work themselves but who need help with project management, planning, and resources. We offer a range of packages to assess your needs and create an action plan with suggestions and strategies.

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Maintenance organizing services or ‘Tune Ups’ are available for existing clients who need ongoing assistance with mail, email and office tasks, as well as household management and continuous organizing in frequently-used spaces. Tune ups generally start out as distinct organizing projects and then evolve from there.

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