Residential Organizing

Specializing in Large-Scale Residential Organizing Projects

Customized organizing solutions that fit the way you live and work

We work with you to:

  • Determine space control and layout
  • Maximize the use of available vertical space
  • Create systems based on ease of access
  • Coach clients in maintaining systems
  • Teach you ways to stay organized
  • Decide what to donate, recycle, toss and keep
  • Provide ‘Tune-Ups’ as needed

Full-service organizing for all types of residential projects, including storage areas, garages, kitchens and home offices.
Life is easier when you can find what you need when you need it!

Large Spaces

The Time Butler specializes in organizing large spaces, transforming them from unusable to organized and accessible. We organize garages, storage units, attics, sheds, basements and entire homes, bringing in a team of experienced organizers to complete the project in fewer sessions and on budget.

Residential Action Plans

For the budget conscious and those who want to do the work themselves but who need help with project management, planning, and resources. We offer a range of packages to assess your needs and create an action plan with suggestions and strategies. More


Maintenance organizing or ‘Tune Ups’ are available for existing clients who need ongoing assistance with mail, email and office tasks, as well as household management and continuous organizing in frequently-used spaces. Tune ups generally start out as distinct organizing projects and then evolve from there.

“In just one day, Lisa transformed my space from this chaotic thing into a place of order and peace.” –S.K., Large Spaces Client

Ready to Get Started Organizing? Contact Lisa for a complimentary 15minute telephone consultation and needs assessment. Please allow a minimum of four weeks’ notice to schedule your upcoming project.