Read what previous clients and business partners have to say

“Lisa and her team were amazing.”

“Lisa is very efficient, and has a team that she works with to ensure that the process goes smoothly and quickly. I have personally used her, and I was very pleased with her warmth and efficiency.” — D.W.

“On the eve of Thanksgiving , we want to tell you how thankful we are for the amazing help you have provided…over these many years.  [We were] able to make such a smooth transition because of your planning and excellent organizing, as well as your support. We are so grateful, and want you to know that we appreciate you and your talents.” — S.C., Residential Organizing & Move Management client

“Lisa is the best organizer I’ve ever worked with. She genuinely loves what she does, and makes the experience of getting organized so easy – while she has great processes to share, she also takes each client’s preferences and abilities into account, never pushing to do things her way. She’s delightful to work with, truly collaborating on projects from organizing papers to reworking the design of a room for better functionality. She has a great eye, and was able to help me create a work space that felt much better than what I had, using furnishings I already owned. Everyone I have recommended her to has been equally thrilled with her work!

“I coach at a non-profit called Breast Cancer Connections, and recommended her as a speaker; she was such a hit with the initial support group that she was asked to return and give a longer presentation at the organization’s Alternative Therapies Fair, as she has a unique understanding of the challenges facing people dealing with major illnesses and is able to empower them to move forward with their projects at a pace that doesn’t overwhelm.” — J.S., Home Office Client

“Thank you so much Lisa, I feel lighter somehow having my stuff so organized.” — M.H., Residential Organizing Client

“I’m happy with her services, and happier that I finally got around to calling and making the appointment!” — D.S., Residential & Home Office Client

“I regularly use The Time Butler Professional Organizers. They are fabulous! And as their name suggests, they are highly organized. They’ve done wonders for my home office, closets, basement, recipe index, etc. I also use them each year to archive the previous year’s files, set up new ones for the current year, and prepare files for my income tax appointment. I highly recommend them without reservation.” — M.M., Home Office Client

“Lisa and her team were amazing. They helped me combine two houses into one house when our family moved back to the States from abroad.  They were super-efficient and wonderful to work with. I learned a lot about strategy for long term organization and keeping the house really functional. Our family is still benefiting from their amazing work a year and a half later.” — K.B., Large Spaces and Move Management Client

“Lisa was responsive and detailed not only in her interaction with members but also in updating guidelines and documentation…It was a challenging position as she often had to deal with complaints…Lisa excels at maintaining her composure and addressing challenging situations.” — Lauren H., Professional Organizer & Productivity Consultant

“Lisa worked with us over an 18-month period to help us get our house in order (literally) — she was always cheerful and helpful and kept us focused on the task at hand. I wrote more about our experience, here.” — D.S., Home Office & Residential Organizing Client

“Lisa is a strong leader and a pleasure to work with. She is honest, very good at what she does, and is committed to treating her colleagues and clients fairly. Her ability to remain calm under pressure is remarkable and inspirational. I highly recommend her as an organizer, to hire or work with.” Miranda W., Professional Organizer & Productivity Consultant

“It has been so valuable to be a part of this team. You have been amazing leading us Lisa!” —Ellen D., Past President of NAPO, Houston, TX

“Lisa, you are a testimonial to NAPO leadership. You were here when I started, and I know how hard you worked to get us where we are today. NAPO will be OK, largely due to the role you played in keeping us on course with your financial skills and wisdom. You were able to experience it all – the good, the bad and the ugly. You were conservative when you needed to be, nimble when it was necessary and flexible when it made sense. Thank you for sharing your expertise with us. You will truly be missed, although never forgotten. There will always be the voice in my head, ‘What would Lisa say?’” Susie H., NAPO President, Richmond, VA

“I can’t believe this would have been your last meeting. It has truly been a pleasure working with you over the last 6 years. Our collaboration in turning “NAPO’s financial ship around” has been one of the highlights of my professional career. I never knew how much I loved financials until working with you! Your dedication, integrity, transparency, and competency has been unmatched. While I’m sorry that you are leaving the board in such turbulent times, I feel prepared and confident NAPO can weather this storm. Thanks for your leadership.” Jenn P., Executive Director, NAPO, Mount Laurel, NJ