Residential Projects Gallery

Before and After Photos of Previous Residential Organizing Projects by The Time Butler

The Time Butler offers a variety of residential organizing services, ranging from large-scale and complex projects, to action plans for those who want to do the work themselves. Take a look at the Before & After photos below, and you will see that these spaces have been transformed from unusable to organized and accessible.

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Pantry organized by The Time Butler
  • Bedroom and bookcase before organizing
  • Bedroom and bookcase after organizing
  • Guest room closet before organizng
  • Guest room closet after organizing
  • Play room before organizing
  • Play room after organizing
  • Cluttered play room
  • Organized play room
  • Storage room before organizing
  • Organized Storage room
  • Kitchen before organizing
  • Kitchen after organizing
  • Living room before organizing
  • Living room after organizing
  • Kitchen before organizing
  • Kitchen after organizing
  • Walk-in closet before organizing
  • Walk-in closet after organizing
  • Bathroom cabinet before organizing
  • Organized bathroom cabinet
  • Closet before organizing
  • Organized closet
  • Bathroom before organizing
  • Bathroom after organizing

“Thank you so much Lisa, I feel lighter somehow having my stuff so organized.”

— Monica H., Residential Organizing Client