Large-Space Organizing Gallery

Photos of Previous Large‑Space Organizing Projects by The Time Butler

“In just one day, Lisa transformed my space from this chaotic thing into a place of order and peace.” —S.K., Large Spaces Client

The Time Butler specializes in transforming large spaces such as garages, storage units, attics, sheds and basements. We are are experts in the use of space, and bring in a team of experienced organizers as needed to get the job done in fewer sessions.

While the way a space looks is important, the way it functions determines how well it is used.
Function also impacts your time — if you can find what you need when you need it, life gets easier.

“Lisa is very efficient, and has a team that she works with to ensure that the process goes smoothly and quickly. I have personally used her, and I was very pleased with her warmth and efficiency.” D.W.