Business Mentoring

Mentoring Services

One-on-One Guidance and Support for Small Business Owners

Traditional one-on-one mentoring to business owners located in the San Francisco Bay Area and distance mentoring via Zoom to business owners around the world

We provide mentoring for small business owners. We offer experience, wisdom and encouragement on all aspects of running a small business, including strategy, guidance, profession-specific tips, and serving as a resource and sounding board for difficult client situations.

We share information about starting and running a business, help set up processes and procedures, provide guidance, motivation, emotional support for difficult client situations, and role modeling. We help you set goals, develop contacts, and identify resources. The length of the mentoring relationship is dependent upon your goals but generally lasts three to nine months. Contact Lisa for more information.

Photo of Lisa Mark, certified professional organizer

“Give us a little time to make a big difference!”