How To Track Delays In A Project

In July, 2022, we wrote a post about tracking project tasks, here. The July post focused on tracking multiple and complex tasks within a project. This month’s blog builds on that by addressing how to track project delays.

Project delays are an inevitable part of work life. Unexpected delays are one of the most common issues faced by everyone involved. For project managers, team members, clients, and third parties alike, meeting critical project deadlines are among the most challenging of issues.

Project delays can be caused by inaccurate or overly confident time estimates, supply chain difficulties or shortages, price overruns which delay completion, unforeseen circumstances, or any number of other situations.

Below are three tips to address and track project delays so that participants have the information they need to move forward in the most efficient way possible.

  1. Communicate. Communication is key. Errors which can cause delays can spiral out of control if stakeholders don’t have the material they need to make good decisions under changing circumstances. Invite the right people to planning meetings and update everyone as needed throughout the process.
  1. Prioritize. Determine what matters most and what will provide the greatest ROI. If possible, focus on those tasks first, leaving less essential tasks for later. When possible and advisable, focus on tasks that are easy to complete and leave more complex issues for later. By doing this, you increase the odds that the project will move forward, even under unexpected and daunting circumstances.
  1. Collect & Document. Determine what (or who) caused the delay, whether the delay could have been prevented, and what might be done differently should the situation arise again. Then document everything in an accessible place that all stakeholders can access. Accurate recording of data not only provides a big picture view of what happened and how to mitigate or prevent it, but also decreases the odds of the same situation occurring again in the future.

If you need help with project management, contact Lisa Mark, C.P.O. to find out if she is a good fit for your organizing or productivity needs.

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